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Andrea Boccard is the Marketing Manager for AccountingDepartment.com and the Group Leader for the Long Island Hubspot User Group. She loves all things marketing, can be found lugging stacks of books out of the bookstore on any given day, and thinks everyone is a marketer--they just don't know it yet.
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Zero to Sixty: How To Go From Blogging Wannabe to Blogging Powerhouse

Posted by Andrea Boccard

April 13, 2015 at 7:36 PM

During our March HUG, we explored the foundational element of inbound marketing: the blog. Now, it probably goes without saying that blogging is a subject that can be discussed, dissected and perfected for hours, days, and even months or years. We spent a whole 60 minutes or so on the subject matter—and there is surely more to cover. However, one of the things we did quite well was outline the core checklist of blogging best practices, sharing best practices and ideas to supercharge traffic so that even the novice bloggers and very first blog posts can see traction now.

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